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Social Learning for Liferay

Valamis is a social learning environment for sharing tacit knowledge. Knowledge that cannot be found from books or wikis but which is essential for the organization. Our goal is to get people to communicate to each other, learn from each other regardless of time and place. We want to give opportunity for people to share their wisdom with the help of Valamis environment.

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Valamis is open source

Valamis is fully open source licensed under LGPL. We use Liferay as a platform, which is the leading open source enterprise portal platform. If you're already using Liferay, you can install Valamis to your existing environment.



We encourage users to share information to their peers and to their organisation. Valamis provides tools for individual level content authoring and also collaborative content authoring. Courses and exams can be made available to whole organization.

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Easy installation

Liferay has over 600,000 running instances around the world. Liferay Marketplace is a distribution channel, where you can download and install third party applications, like you would from any app store.


Open source is our IT-world's equivalent to organic food. This is the quintessential value of our venture. We believe that our intellectual property is not in our code, but it is in our minds. We don't want to invest in lawyers, we want to invest in people.


Sense of community is created by people with shared purpose. For creative people, purpose, independence and community creates motivation. Strong motivation creates inspiration and that can be affectious. This is how communities start and grow.


We are privileged to have the Finnish education system. To educate is inherently doing good. By creating tools for education, which can be used in enterprises and in schools, we have the best chance to have a positive effect to our surrounding world.

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Valamis Enterprise Edition with support available


This time its big news. Valamis has taken another step into adulthood. We're now able to provide support and more robust Valamis Enterprise Edition.

Valamis Enterprise Edition provides customers a support organization, access to updates and patches and ensures development of new features. Valamis subscription includes access to customer portal, which includes industry best practices and collaboration environment for Valamis EE users. As a comparison, Valamis CE version will be released only to work with the most recent Liferay CE version.

Valamis Enterprise Edition subscription requires Liferay Enteprise Edition subscription.

You can get Valamis Enteprise Edition via Liferay Marketplace

Valamis 1.7 and enabling xAPI capabilities


Release cycle has been really tight. We have principle: release early, release often. Today we're releasing Valamis 1.7, which is officially 15th release to date. Valamis has gone a long way of being simple SCORM player in Liferay to be one of most advanced eLearning platforms for Enterprises. We've quickly adapted standards like xAPI (formerly known as Tin Can API), Open Badges by Mozilla and other features like Social Learning and ways of capturing informal learning experiences.

We have developed also as a company and as a individuals. We are extremely proud of our development team, that are able to create exciting development atmosphere, form forward thinking ideas and bring eLearning to the year 2014 where it belongs.

Because of Liferay, we are able to take leaps and bounds forward. Liferay provides world class user experience and collaboration platform tools out of the box. We are able to fully concentrating on gamification, pedagocial aspects, learning analytics, xAPI adoption, rapid content creation and mobile learning experiences.

Valamis 1.7 contains huge amount of improvements. To name few, there's improved user management to assign learning paths to organizations, quick learning module upload tools, our Learning Record Store now supports OAuth, we've launched reporting and analytics for xAPI. Source code can be found in github. Release to Liferay Marketplace is available soon as the QA clears.

Liferay, Valamis and xAPI is very powerful combination, that we're just starting to see benefits of. Feedback from our customers and from leading eLearning experts is very encouraging, Check out our presentations at Future of eLearning seminar in Bryssels.

Future of eLearning seminar in Future Classroom Lab
Valamis 1.7 source code in Github

Valamis Partners and Tin Can LRS


Valamis partnership program is now open! After introduction of Valamis to Liferay community we are happy to notice that the Valamis has received a lot of attention from the different corners of the world. We have received inqueries by Liferay service providers and eLearning experts about Valamis as a solution for eLearning platform.

Arcusys (founder company of Valamis) has started a Valamis partnership program to support organizations around to world to have a local service available for high quality eLearning implementation and support.

Valamis partnership program is currently available for Liferay Partners. The partnership program offers following benefits:

  • Resales of Valamis EE subscription
  • Partner support from Arcusys Valamis team
  • Q & A sessions via video conferencing
  • Joint marketing
  • Access to Valamis partnership portal with support materials, example cases, fact sheets and Valamis community tools


We've also released today Valamis 1.6 version. Source code can be found in github. This will be also available via Liferay Marketplace after QA. New version implements full Tin Can API Learning Record Store (LRS). We will be providing some more documentation and videos about possibilities of full Tin Can API implementation.

For more information about partnerships please contact Jari Järvelä


1000 installations of Valamis


Valamis World Tour 2013 is now officially over. We also added a extra leg to the trip to Liferay UK Solutions Forum just two weeks a go. All reception and feedback has been great and we feel that we've received strong encouragement to continue forward.

One of the goals of Valamis World Tour was to look for Liferay partners, that could provide Valamis to their customers. I am happy to announce Componence as a first Valamis partner!

We've also just released Valamis 1.5.6, which now supports also Liferay 6.1.2 GA3 and 6.1.30 EE. We're also working on Liferay 6.2 support.

Also there is a big celebration with cake today. Valamis has been installed through Liferay Marketplace now a thousand times. The big 1000. We're really happy about this and look forward helping Valamis user community to grow and flourish.

New version, Open Badges and Tin Can API


Valamis 1.5 is out! New version boasts various great features and improvements. Curriculum feature has been improved dramatically. It now integrates also to Open Badges and provides a Badge Designer feature with the help of a third party application.

Valamis 1.5 has also Tin Can API support. You can upload and play Tin Can packages in Valamis Player. For this you have to configure Tin Can API LRS from Valamis Admin. Tin Can implementation supports basic authentication. There are also other various fixes and improvements to all of the components.

The last leg of Valamis World Tour 2013 starts tomorrow. Our plane heads on 18 hour flight from snowing Joensuu, Finland towards definitely warmer San Francisco. Stop by our demo booth at Liferay North America Symposium on 21st and 22nd of October to see Valamis live and ask us questions.

Big thanks for everybody who participated on this release. Keep up the great work!

As always, you can get the app from Liferay Marketplace


There is a lot of LMS solutions available in the market, what makes Valamis so different?

The biggest difference is the design principles and the philosophy behind the Valamis. Valamis does not try to be another LMS solution, instead it aims to offer flexible system for tailoring online learning environments for social learning, and building learning systems that suits specifically your organisations learning needs.

Valamis seems to be built to offer open and social learning environments. Our organisation uses a lot of SCORM –based learning materials and courses. Can we use SCORM based digital learning materials and courses in Valamis like we do currently in our LMS?

Valamis has LMS and eLearning portlets that makes it possible to use SCORM compliant materials. Valamis supports SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 3rd and 4th editions. You can also create SCORM –based quizzes using Valamis portlets.

We have built our intranet with Liferay in our organization, can we extend our solution to eLearning by using Valamis components?

Yes, definitely. You can install the Valamis portlets and theme (using of Valamis theme is optional, of course) and create eLearning and collaboration sites using these portlets.

We are interested on using the Valamis tools. What kind of investments is needed to get up and running?

The Valamis tools and Liferay are available as an open source so there is no need to buy any licences. Only investment you need is work for building the solution to suit your organisation needs. There is also option for enterprise level support for Valamis elearning solution, which is called the Valamis Enterprise Edition.

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