Valamis - eLearning for Liferay - Getting Started


Valamis is a social learning environment for sharing and receiving knowledge. We want to help people to share knowledge and learn using Liferay platform. You can use it as your organizations social learning environment.


Supported Liferay version is currently 6.1.1 GA2, 6.1.2 GA3, 6.1.20 EE, 6.1.30 EE The targeted version of SCORM is 2004 4th edition with support of SCORM 1.2. All server-side code is written using the Scala programming language for the JVM.


The current implementation is able to display SCORM and Tin Can content with respect towards the different content organizations and the activity structure in each organization. Application includes a question editor for creating quizes with different types of questions (single-/multi-choice, matching, short answer, etc.)

Administrative features let you manage SCORM packages, uploading the them in standard zipped format. The user interface is available as a JSR-compliant portlets, which may be deployed into Liferay portal. The portlet version has been tested on Liferay 6.1.1 and 6.1.2, and depend on its specific features.

The solution uses Liferay database, so no need to install additional database.


If deployed against a portlet container, the end-user features are available via the portlet's standard View mode, while administrative features are available via the Edit mode. Also there is another portlet for question editor, quiz editor and gradebook.


Recommended JVM memory requirements


We recommend using 2048m Java heap and 512m permsize. Before installing Valamis from Liferay Marketplace, modify your setenv JAVA_OPTS settings to following:

-Xmx2048m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m"


Quick start guide


First create new Liferay site. You can do this from Liferay Control Panel as a admin user. You can use Valamis coures site template as a basis and you do not need to add portlets manually. Assign users to site roles teacher and student. Map also correct roles within the site in Valamis admin portlet.

Use Question management to create questions and place them to categories. After this use Quiz management to create new quiz and pick questions or whole categories from question bank. You can also re-define the order if you like. You can also add first and last page content, Liferay articles or external web resources to quiz.

You can use Valamis quiz editor to create the following question types:
- Choice question
- Short answer question
- Numeric question
- Positioning question
- Matching question
- Essays question
- Categorization question
- Plain text question

After you're done, you can preview quiz and install it to SCORM Player to be available as Exam. When user with student role does the exam, you can see exam results in Gradebook portlet. With teacher role, user can see all students and results. As a student, user sees just his/her own results.

All course packages and quizzes installed to our Valamis Player -portlet are tracked with SCORM RTE standard. Application stores information about learning and quizzes done by a user to Gradebook database. You can see automatic evaluation of question types, where you can define correct answer(s). Open and essay questions are evaluated manually by the course administrator or teacher.

Gradebook functions only on the SCORM based data (ie. courses, exams, grades). It also contains indicator about which users have read a certain course up partially or complete. Typically we build courses on Liferay site functionality. Course membership and activities are based on site membership. This allows you also to use Liferay's feature for social activities within the course. Here is an example how it can be used: